Introducing Ultra Light Rail Partners…

Beverley NielsenZero carbon, lightweight rail solutions.

We create solutions for rail and on-street lightweight rail to enhance people’s quality of life in urban and semi-rural areas – helping communities, developers, and local authorities (councils, mayors, LEPs) solve their future transport needs. Our team integrates innovators, rail operators and manufacturers, planners and architects to design, build and operate all aspects of the project wherever it’s needed.

Here is a personal message from ULRPartners Chair Beverley Nielsen:

It’s a very challenging time for commuters everywhere.

Congestion disrupts our plans and costs our economy a lot of money every year.

It’s very upsetting to hear about premature deaths resulting from NOx pollution and Particulate Matter emissions.

Our team have been developing and delivering low carbon, safe to use, easy to install light rail solutions for the past decade and more.

These are much less expensive than heavy rail, metro technologies and can integrate with mainline systems. They are quick and flexible to install, assisting planning and construction phases.

Our focus as a consultancy business in light rail is to draw on the skills, abilities and assets based in Black Country firms and the expertise of people across the West Midlands region.

We look forward to hearing from you and to delivering a solution to meet your needs.

Beverley Nielsen

Chair, ULRPartners


Who are ULRPartners?

We help local communities deliver innovative last mile, low carbon, light rail solutions… Helping you to get from your front door to work without needing a car.

We assess what’s required for installing light rail solutions and advise on everything from track, railcar, low carbon power solutions and operation.

We can deliver these for around 20% of the cost of traditional Metro solutions. As congestion has increased bus transport reliability has been hit with passenger numbers declining. As the commuter numbers demonstrate track-based solutions are the preferred option.

Our solutions can be delivered on rail tracks and on-street, helping to deliver the best local transport connections for local people.