Future Light Rail Development

Future Light RailcarFuture Light Rail improvements are underway to deliver:

  • Carriage length extension from 60 passenger capacity enabling 90 people to travel in a single car with further ‘stretch’ to 120 passengers
  • Bogie running gear development extending railcar and tram length along with operating speed
  • Compact tram/trains and Double Decker tram design options
  • Range extension to all day ultra-low and nil-emission through ‘Tribrid technology’
    – linking compressed air or biomethane gas-to-battery with flywheel power storage to minimise air pollution
  • Development of relocatable track to reduce the need for diversion of the utility services in the subsoil
  • Bicycle and pushchair-friendly track new flangeway filler innovation enabling on-street tracks which do not cause hazards to cyclists or small-wheeled devices